May 09, 2011

The Pentax Optio WG-1 head on Olympus Tough

The Pentax Optio WG-1 follows in the design footprint set by the W90. The WG-1 breaks new ground, though, by being crushproof; it's a first for Pentax and only Olympus offered that protection previously in a point-and-shoot. Pentax is joining the geotagging frenzy with its Optio WG-1 GPS, a rugged 14 megapixel shooter that's waterproof up to 33 feet, shockproof in nature and engineered with a crushproof body that can withstand weight force of up to 220 pounds. You'll also get integrated face detection technology, the ability to snap in sub-freezing temperatures by being weatherproof, a 5x optical zoom lens and a 2.7-inch rear LCD. There's also a 720p movie mode, HDMI output, IR control compatibility and support for Eye-Fi's wireless SD card.

If you like geotagging your photos, Pentax will offer the Optio WG-1 GPS. It bumps the price up to $399.99, but it's worth it if you're shooting off the beaten path. But if you're uncomfortable remembering where you took each and every photograph, the GPS-less Optio WG-1 will also be available (in black or purple) for $50 less. Both versions will ship in April 2011 with the WG-1 available in black or purple and the Optio WG-1 GPS in black or yellow-green.
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The Pentax Optio WP-1 follows the footprint of the scenography of the W90. The GT-1 breaks new ground, but what is unbreakable, is a first for Olympus, Pentax and the only protection offered earlier in a point-and-shoot. Pentax is joining the frenzy with geolocation Optio WP-1 GPS, a rugged 14-megapixel shooter, shock resistant waterproof to 33 meters in nature and technology in a deformable body weight force that can hold up at 220 pounds. They will also be integrated Face Detection, the possibility of freezing, a 5x optical zoom and an LCD rear of 2.7 cm. There is also a video mode 720p, HDMI, IR remote compatibility and support for SD card Eye-Fi wireless.

If you want pictures geotagging, Pentax Optio WP offers GPS-1. It bumps the price of $ 399.99, but worth it when you shoot outside the box. But if you remember where you do not feel each photo, the GPS-less Optio WP-1 is available (in black or purple) for $ 50 less. Both versions will be in April 2011 with the GT-1 in black or purple and ship Optio WP, a GPS in black or yellow-green.

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March 14, 2010

Find Your Computer’s Driver on Driveraccess

Using a computer is a regular work done by each person. Many people use the computer to do their job, so our job will become easier and faster to finish, of course with good results. However, computers are also referred to as a system, which requires that we refer to as drivers. Without a driver, a computer system will not be able to walk properly.

Updating the drivers is also very important, because this will affect the performance of hardware. It would be very annoying if you have to manually update the driver, looking for the right driver download. For that, here I will provide the best solution for those who want to get updates automatically from services. In addition, you can also search for and find a driver complete with 5 million more drivers on Whether you're looking for sound drivers? Windows driver? Or you want to download another driver? All this can only be found in the perfect drivers download place on

Improve the performance of your computer hardware. Get the software also automatically updates the driver in driveraccess. You will not be disappointed with all the existing drivers. Because 100% free here! Many people have found they are looking for drivers in driveraccess only. No need to look again at the search engines, the main recommendations for you to find your computer drivers.

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November 11, 2009


Digital cameras are not only plentiful online, but also in newspapers, magazines and even TV shows. Often wonder why most digital camera reviews always praise all the digital camera market, which is why we ended up getting confused about which products to buy or get our loved ones.

Here's something you should never rely on hotel reviews digital camera - never trust press releases or reviews, which is directly from the manufacturer or advertising office that is connected directly to the producers of digital camera. Why? Now that digital cameras are never too honest, or just give the good things about their products. I mean, what would be expected, provided that you do to increase your own line of digital cameras, and your sales, you release digital camera reviews about your products. Of course you do not remember the bad things or disruption of your product in their digital cameras, because you do not need to be able to shoot your sales. Press releases or digital camera manufacturer are always half-truths. Do you have any experience with it? I mean, that just do not go for the digital camera, remember that brush-blower thingy that you bought over the Internet, saying it does not work dramatically for their work in hair, but at the end of your hair, after all. Press releases, which means that they are aimed at people buy a product or to give the product a better name.

In more than one can never fully trust are home shopping networks and advertisements. As far as press releases, so they are virtually the same claims about their products. But hey, do not trust me, you can always get them and give them to prove that it does not work. No matter the time and effort to have lost you, you've decided to hear a half-truth digital camera review, which is what you get for it.

The best digital cameras are available in specialty chemicals found computer magazines (based material, and magazines), special websites catering Digital Camera Reviews and technologist unofficial. Why? Well, there! Because these cameras are always honest. These commentators and critics are not afraid to list down the good and the bad of digital cameras. These digital camera reviews usually points to the difference between the products, which launched a specific manufacturer and as better or worse than the last. These commentators and critics are also skills in your letter, to tell him safe to say that they know what they are talking about when it comes to digital cameras. Another thing, most of the time, this digital camera will be charged the evaluation actual first-hand with the product itself and not just any press agent, with flowery words to capture you and your wallet.

Another best source for the review is a digital camera you can even write. And how can you do? Of course, first you need to buy your first digital camera, try it and compare everything to be what you're doing it for the things she wants. (Be careful with the specifications, options and features you need to try to read, refer to time such words, which means they are resistant to water spray to waterproof that are water resistant. They do not want to get your newly -bought camera wet weather, just to prove to themselves that what they say are not true). Once it is so, then you can create your own digital camera review or reviews, depending on how many things you learned from your digital camera. Be sure to indicate that the review is on his own experience with the product and not just some wild guess.

The honest assessment is the best digital camera reviews, and may seek confidence. In any case, you can contact the Customer Center or return your digital camera, if not live up to their claims.

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September 15, 2009

Canon EOS 400D

The zoom lens does not offer enough for this kind of photography, but also for photos of high-and casual was closed, it will do. The buttons are small and the Jog Dial is a little difficult to roll. A change is only for the configuration of the cycle and a key associated with the dial-up combinations is used as needed. All settings that you expect from a DSLR level so far. There are limitations with this camera in terms of features.

Getting good pictures even in low light conditions can be a little difficult. Often needed to enlarge the hole and use a very large degree to its maximum ISO - 1600 a shot of 1 / 30 second. Fortunately, the amount of grain at high ISO levels is low and manageable, and image adjustments can fix this problem.
In close-ups is difficult, with the normal recording mode. The flash is not particularly good. It's light enough for the environment and is very focused on a restricted area. The quality of the structure of the joint and the flash is not very good.

The camera uses CompactFlash memory cards. The EOS 500D has just been published and thus the EOS 400D is slowly eliminated. The availability can be quickly becoming a problem, but at the same time, it is interesting to find low prices for the EOS 400D to. Although it is a good start before the introduction of the Canon DSLR EOS 1000D in comparison with not an easy task because the users interface. The menus are simple and superficial. Use it with the automatic shooting mode, though that gives good results.

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August 13, 2009

Digital Camera Ratings Assist Customers

Digital cameras seem to improve in many areas, so that digital camera classification would be difficult without knowing the good products on the market. Digital camera ratings keep consumers in the major changes in these great products. A digital camera is ideal for many occasions, but there was a time not so long ago, when the cameras are not the best picture quality available.
The digital camera ratings generally range cameras based on the best prices for the best cameras. They want good value for the least money. Customers are looking for a new digital camera usually wants the best product at the best price. The digital camera reviews, customers can in this context. Digital cameras are constantly being improved and the features of any digital camera can make a difference for the photographers.

There are several classifications of digital cameras based on the most popular among consumers. Digital camera reviews may involve several factors, not exclusively on the search for sources for these ratings. Many of these customer reviews discuss both positive and negative of each digital camera in the list. These can be more reliable, since most people the purchase carefully examine products. There are some services that are detailed descriptions of customers, recently the various models. These descriptions of customers can be very useful for those who purchase a new camera.

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