September 15, 2009

Canon EOS 400D

The zoom lens does not offer enough for this kind of photography, but also for photos of high-and casual was closed, it will do. The buttons are small and the Jog Dial is a little difficult to roll. A change is only for the configuration of the cycle and a key associated with the dial-up combinations is used as needed. All settings that you expect from a DSLR level so far. There are limitations with this camera in terms of features.

Getting good pictures even in low light conditions can be a little difficult. Often needed to enlarge the hole and use a very large degree to its maximum ISO - 1600 a shot of 1 / 30 second. Fortunately, the amount of grain at high ISO levels is low and manageable, and image adjustments can fix this problem.
In close-ups is difficult, with the normal recording mode. The flash is not particularly good. It's light enough for the environment and is very focused on a restricted area. The quality of the structure of the joint and the flash is not very good.

The camera uses CompactFlash memory cards. The EOS 500D has just been published and thus the EOS 400D is slowly eliminated. The availability can be quickly becoming a problem, but at the same time, it is interesting to find low prices for the EOS 400D to. Although it is a good start before the introduction of the Canon DSLR EOS 1000D in comparison with not an easy task because the users interface. The menus are simple and superficial. Use it with the automatic shooting mode, though that gives good results.

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