May 09, 2011

The Pentax Optio WG-1 head on Olympus Tough

The Pentax Optio WG-1 follows in the design footprint set by the W90. The WG-1 breaks new ground, though, by being crushproof; it's a first for Pentax and only Olympus offered that protection previously in a point-and-shoot. Pentax is joining the geotagging frenzy with its Optio WG-1 GPS, a rugged 14 megapixel shooter that's waterproof up to 33 feet, shockproof in nature and engineered with a crushproof body that can withstand weight force of up to 220 pounds. You'll also get integrated face detection technology, the ability to snap in sub-freezing temperatures by being weatherproof, a 5x optical zoom lens and a 2.7-inch rear LCD. There's also a 720p movie mode, HDMI output, IR control compatibility and support for Eye-Fi's wireless SD card.

If you like geotagging your photos, Pentax will offer the Optio WG-1 GPS. It bumps the price up to $399.99, but it's worth it if you're shooting off the beaten path. But if you're uncomfortable remembering where you took each and every photograph, the GPS-less Optio WG-1 will also be available (in black or purple) for $50 less. Both versions will ship in April 2011 with the WG-1 available in black or purple and the Optio WG-1 GPS in black or yellow-green.
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The Pentax Optio WP-1 follows the footprint of the scenography of the W90. The GT-1 breaks new ground, but what is unbreakable, is a first for Olympus, Pentax and the only protection offered earlier in a point-and-shoot. Pentax is joining the frenzy with geolocation Optio WP-1 GPS, a rugged 14-megapixel shooter, shock resistant waterproof to 33 meters in nature and technology in a deformable body weight force that can hold up at 220 pounds. They will also be integrated Face Detection, the possibility of freezing, a 5x optical zoom and an LCD rear of 2.7 cm. There is also a video mode 720p, HDMI, IR remote compatibility and support for SD card Eye-Fi wireless.

If you want pictures geotagging, Pentax Optio WP offers GPS-1. It bumps the price of $ 399.99, but worth it when you shoot outside the box. But if you remember where you do not feel each photo, the GPS-less Optio WP-1 is available (in black or purple) for $ 50 less. Both versions will be in April 2011 with the GT-1 in black or purple and ship Optio WP, a GPS in black or yellow-green.

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