July 26, 2009

Headphone Splitters Make it Easy to Share Music

The basic idea of these devices is an audio output, so that in two or more different audio devices. The times in which these devices have been, probably shortly after they invented headphones. Hearing devices are external speakers, headphones or earphones. The images you see on the right side you will find examples of the headphone splitter you use for your MP3 player, phone, etc. All dealer images, 3.5-mm jacks. 3.5 is the standard headphone jack.

Why you need a headphone splitter you ask? I think the real question is: Why should not one of those bad guys. I'll give you an example. Let us say that you and a friend to their MP3 player and you really want your friend to a song. With a headphone splitter you can not stop your music, your friend heard. Take it and ask your headphone jack on the tab.

Wait, it gets better, it is the main headphone splitter. I found one on Amazon that I had the opportunity to buy and try. It works great, without loss of quality and style to the iPod!


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