July 12, 2009

Samsung LCD Sm932mw

LCD TV Samsung SM932MW is one of the newest models from Samsung. In SM932MW have an incredibly fast response time 5 ms and a high-density resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels. In these specifications, Samsung LCD is ideal for games, and TV. Besides its use as a normal television, SM932MW can be used as a computer monitor.

TV itself is very well built with good quality and comes in an elegant glossy black with soft edges. With dimensions of 7 cm and 19-inch LCD screen LCD SM932MW is one of the best on the market currently. In connection with the Full HD LCD TV is ready to have a dual function is no shortage of outlets. To connect to your TV this computer has a choice of analog VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. So, television has an S-Video, SCART and composite inputs, which means that this TV can be almost anything.

In addition, in the world are reducing the carbon traces, Samsung decided to something for the TV in the sense that its energy consumption only 45 watts. There will be less energy than conventional incandescent lamps in many applications around the house, and this is a hell of a lot less than many other TV now. Taking into account the characteristics and features of this brilliant TV, with a surprisingly low price.


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